4/7/2021 - Dr. Kristin Schroeder, Duke Children's Hospital

April 7, 2021 - Rotary Recap. Dr. Kristin Schroeder, pediatric neuro oncologist, was our Club’s weekly breakfast speaker held virtually and in person at the Club. Kristin has a remarkable gift for wanting to make a difference in the world. She works 1/2 the time at Duke and the other 1/2 in Tanzania. She created a pilot nonprofit program to address children diagnosed with cancer and to provide them a chance no matter where they live. Since 2014 the survival rate has increased from 19% to 51%. Our Club supports Kristin’s program and allows people to receive treatment without the burden of costs in an already impoverished area. Today was also the KiCK oFF for the DUCk rACe June 5th. 4 new members joined today! Welcome Alex Hale, Evan Murray, Matt Cox and Ken Koffler (not pictured).