8/31/2022 - Rotary Recap - Elizabeth Fisher - Fisher Recycling


Elizabeth Fisher, Co-owner of Fisher Recycling, was our guest speaker. Elizabeth started her career in the Food & beverage industry. Her husband Chris started the company in 1992, collecting recyclable foods from several Charleston restaurants and offices with an old decrepit pick-up truck. (T-bones was their first customer) In 2005, the company expanded its warehouse space to the old Navy Base, located on the renovated Navy Yard. Since then, Fisher Recycling has recycled over 8.5 million pounds of aluminum, glass, plastic, and tin and 24 million pounds of office paper, newspaper, magazines, and cardboard. The company has implemented residential projects here on Daniel Island. Please inquire about their curbside pick-up for your business, and check out their GlassEco surface product line!