2/23/2022- Rotary Recap - Lisa Metheney - US Army Corps of Engineers

February 23rd Rotary Recap

Bill Cannon delivered the invocation.

In the virtual Break-out rooms, we discussed what we, as Rotary members, would recommend to new rotary members.

Our guest speaker was Lisa Metheney, the Senior Civilian for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Charleston branch.

There are 37 thousand people worldwide participating in the Army Corps of Engineers across 60 countries. Not all are active duty in the downtown Charleston branch. Locally this group possesses 64 vets, half are African American, and six percent are active reserve.

There are three main functions of this group.

  1. Civil works mission, Charleston peninsula study, etc.

  2. Military construction on Air Force bases & army bases is currently in charge of building at Ft. Jackson, where 60% of all basic training occurs.

  3. They partner and work with other federal agencies that need their help.

In the Charleston District, they support the V.A. hospital & in Columbia, they keep the State department & National park service.

Currently, they are in the feasibility phase for a sea wall in Charleston.

The Pre-construction/design phase is next.

They also participate in projects in Myrtle Beach & Folly beach to help with storm erosion with plans to add Pawley's Island while

The office was established here in 1871 after the Civil War. During that time, they worked in the harbor to pull out sunken vessels, built the jetty's around the same time, and until about five years ago, no significant improvements were needed! Recent work has been minimal as these jetties provide an essential economic catalyst. They help with Fort Sumter. Our harbor is 52ft deep, and it's continuously been dredged for the last 150 years. Initially, the harbor was only 12 feet deep!