Rotary Recap - 1/29 -Daniel Island Speaker Series - Dr. Jay Demarco and Ms. Nanci Shipman

The "opioid crisis" is getting deserved national notoriety in the news media and in current political campaigns, but it is also very much a local problem even here on our Daniel Island.  This was driven home by Wednesday's presentation in the Daniel Island Speaker Series which began with a truly heartfelt recounting by DI resident Nanci Shipman of events leading to the death of her teenage son following a prescription for opioids after a high school lacrosse injury, and then the risk of a repeat when a second son was injured playing football.  Dr. Jay Demarco who is also a DI resident and treated the second son then followed by describing the non-opioid approach to pain treatment he developed and the possible applicability of similar treatments for others to avoid risks associated with opioids.  The Q and A session afterwards was surprisingly robust including testimonials from the audience on their successes with similar alternative approaches to pain relief, and discussions of local initiatives led by Nanci to combat opioid problems here.