Rotary Recap - 10/13/2021 - Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy - Rich Robinson

Rotary Recap

10/13/2021 – Rich Robinson, Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy.

Steve Slifer offered the invocation and Pledge.

We had fun in our chat rooms talking about the weather (really!) and all the things we love about Charleston in the fall. Speaking of weather, we then created a cool thought cloud about our Rotary “Why.” Ducks, Friendship, and Service carried the highest votes.

Mary Wessner shared her life story growing up in Caldwell, NJ, her time in fashion before meeting fellow Rotarian Steve Slifer, moving to NYC, and studying psychology before finally starting a photography business on Daniel Island.

Mary shared the upcoming busy holiday season. Chili cookoff on October 27th. Buddy Walk this weekend 1-4 PM.

Shout out to Mike Geier for the Christmas party at his new home on Captain’s Island.

Mike Cole introduced Rich Robinson of Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy, an interfaith chaplaincy that helps people in times of crisis, bringing psychological first aid. They support both victims and their families as well as public servants. Rich gave us advice on the WAIT “Why am I talking” principle, which encourages us to listen to themes that emerge and sit people in their thinking without rushing to fix things.

Ways to help: Bring awareness to first responders of the value of chaplaincy in dealing with stress, and anyway the community can support the chaplaincy.

Next week: Bill Stevens and his wife will be speaking about their new book. In-person at the Club for those in town.