Rotary Recap - 4/29 - George Roberts - ED East Cooper Meals on Wheels

George Roberts, distinguished club member and CEO of East Cooper Meals on Wheels (ECMOW), was our weekly breakfast meeting speaker held virtually!  George served in private industry and for non-profit organizations.  He is a talented artist using watercolors and serves as our Club's Duck Race Chair.  ECMOW started 35 years ago and is privately funded.  Their motto is "More Than a Meal".  They have 450 volunteers and 6 staff and deliver more than just 1 meal a day to recipients.  Volunteers will deliver more than 1 meal, dog food, breakfast bars, and medicine if necessary.  Forty Percent of the recipients are in poverty, while they seek to address the need for people who cannot leave their home for one reason or another.  George expressed during this pandemic the appreciation of the donations of the community and changes made in serving others.  They currently drop off to recipients' homes one time a week frozen meals in order to minimize exposure.  Calls are made weekly to the recipients to check in on how they are doing.  ECMOW annual fundraiser originally scheduled for April 1, 2020, has been moved to September 24, 2020.  George reiterated that we should all have a new appreciation of what it is like to be homebound and if you know of anyone who needs a meal for medical reasons, or otherwise, to please contact him. 

Our Club also announced appreciation for those engaging in the Club's FaceBook site and visiting websites.  There was a reminder to sign up for the Blood Drive on June 2, encouragement to attend the virtual awards banquet for the District on May 12th, and the announcement of the Hobby Boat Club getting back into the swing of things.