Rotary Recap - 9/15/2021 - PGA of Hope - Rich O'Brien

Rotary Recap September 15th

Alex Hale delivered the Invocation.

We had some members join us that we had not seen in some time. It was great to have them back in person!

John Kish talked about how vital the cart fund is and how it impacts Alzheimer's research.

Dr. Sands delivered some hilarious jokes.

LaDonna James gave her "About Me" speech. She spent time living in Germany; she's been married for 35 years and has two sons. She completed 21 years of service with the US Armed Services (Active Duty and Reserve) as a Personnel Sergeant and Equal Opportunity Specialist. Certified Mediator with the DOD DEOMI program.

We celebrated our new members Suzy Cubbler, Darren Arndt, Kate Lilly, and Michael Geier.

Chip Law spoke about our club's scholarship committee, specifically the Henry L. White scholarship. Chip & Rotary are currently working on a scholarship towards a Master's Degree overseas.

Our guest speaker was Rich O'Brien from PGA of Hope. He preached about talent, time, and treasure. This wonderful organization helps disabled veterans by introducing them to the game of golf. It enhances their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. To learn more, visit their website!