Rotary Recap - 9/16-Thomas Horan, Professor, The Citadel

September 16, 2020 - Rotary Recap.  We are LIVE!!! Our first breakfast meeting since March was held in person and virtually.  Thomas D. Horan, an English professor at The Citadel, was our guest speaker and spoke about dystopian literature.  Dr. Horan received his undergraduate from Harvard, Doctorate from UNC, and his law degree from Cornell.  He explained that science fiction and dystopian literature are similar in that they have a futuristic narrative but differ because dystopian literature focuses on a social and political critique.  This type of literature also causes people to see the storyline and message differently based on their personal backgrounds and experiences.  Our own Bob Walker told members "his story".  Bob is an electrical engineer and has worked at Trident Tech for 22 years. We congratulate Bob on his upcoming retirement. He and his wife Charlotte have 3 children and Bob looks forward to being more active in the Club after his retirement.  Ashton Lamb received his white badge today. Mary shared with the club all of the wonderful community projects that we are doing, such as collecting $1000 in gift cards for Doors to Freedom and the ECCO Pop-up in Cainhoy.