Rotary Recap - 11/20 - Andrew Hsu, President College of Charleston

Andrew Hsu, College of Charleston President, was the guest speaker at our weekly breakfast meeting.  Mr. Hsu grew up in a rural village in China and was self-taught.  While pursuing a career in engineering he realized that he had an interest in education.  Mr. Hsu shared his vision for the students that attend the College of Charleston.  He has increased the number of applicants; he is working on ways to improve the 2 plus 2 education model with Trident Tech; he is developing new programs, such as engineering; he is looking to revise the curriculum so that it meets the needs of local employment opportunities, and he has gained worldwide attention through media outlets.  Bill Stamper shared his story and reminded all of us of his Kentucky roots and his career as a family physician in the upstate.  He is happy to be on Daniel Island near his grandchildren.  Rich Kypta impressed upon us the importance of the Rotary Foundation.  He did an excellent job explaining the different levels, how to maximize your contribution and the Foundation’s impact.  His presentation will be added to the website as a useful resource.  There are numerous volunteer activities in which to participate, please check out the calendar section of the website.