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Rotary Tours the Navy Yard  10/11/2023

On Tuesday several club members visited the North Charleston Navy Yard and joined Jay Weaver, a partner in the redevelopment of the 122-year old Navy Base for a tour of the facilities. The base was closed in 1996 and has been waiting someone willing and able to bring it back to life. Navy Yard Charleston intends to bring light manufacturing, office space, apartment units, affordable housing, event space, restaurants, retail shops, and a building for artisans to both live and work. In short, the group intends to transform the base into a mini-city which is exactly what it was in the mid-19th century when the base was at its prime. “Build it and they will come”. For more than 100 years the base was closed except for the sailors who were stationed there and civilians that worked on the base. For the first time, that space can be combined with a redeveloped Park Circle neighborhood and Riverfront Park to enhance the quality of life for the folks who live in the city of North Charleston and beyond.

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