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Meeting Recap 07/19

July 19th -

This week the RCDI heard from Marissa Jamari’s, DND, RN, SVP of Nursing at Roper St Francis. Jamari discussed the shortage of nurses and what she and her team are doing to fix the problem. Thanks to all the nurses out there for taking such good care of us when we are ill.

Meet Emma Albano, Rotary scholarship recipient. She will be a Senior this year at Notre Dame and is pre-med with a biochemistry major and a 3.9 GPA! She is already doing original medical research that will be published this fall and is a two sport NCAA Division 1 athlete. She tutors her colleagues in organic chemistry and heads up a spiritual group to help women athletes find healthy ways to deal with the challenges faced by today’s young women.

Chip Law, president elect of RCDI says this about Emma. “Quite a young lady, I feel enriched just knowing her. She provides tangible hope that there are special people in the world that will play a pivotable role in making a positive impact on our future.”

Here’s to you Emma!!

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