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Meeting Recap 08/23

Kenneth Kinsey, Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office

Kenneth Kinsey, Chief Deputy from the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, is the forensics expert who testified at the Alex Murdaugh murder trial. He provided numerous photos of the crime scene including his analysis of the blood stain patterns on both the tee shirt found at the scene and on the walls behind the victim, the tire tread analysis, and the trajectory of the bullets fired. Given his 40-years of experience and his training, Kenny was able to re-create the crime scene and determine the sequence of the shots and the murders, the weapons used and figure out who shot first and from what angle. This was real CSI material but with a difference – this was real. Kenny’s family was involved in law enforcement and so it was perhaps natural that he chose this profession. This was a fascinating presentation and provided all club members with a glimpse of the murder scene which we all read about for months and his assessment of how the murders may have actually occurred.

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