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Taylor Jackson, Maritime Association and Sue Detar, DI News

It was Double Speaker Day at Rotary!

The first was Taylor Jackson who is the CEO and President of the Maritime Association of South Carolina. This is an interesting role as the association connects all the entities who support maritime commerce in our area including the Port Authority, pilots, Coast Guard, towing and dredging, shippers, insurance, etc. Taylor’s job is to ensure that all of them work together to keep our maritime industry running smoothly. Shipping is a huge industry in our area, Charleston is literally connected to the world through our port, and this trade impacts the entire region.

Our second speaker was our friend Sue Detar from the The Daniel Island News. The paper is celebrating its 20th anniversary and Sue has many great stories related to the major news events on DI and the many changes over the years including changes in the news publishing business. Sue has also been a great friend to our own Charleston Duck Race, helping to spread the word for the event and letting people know how much good your financial support of the Race does in our community!

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