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Meeting Recap

Mayor Reggie Burgess, City of North Charleston

Today we had the great pleasure of meeting Mayor Reggie Burgess of North Charleston. Some may have anticipated the normal status of city government type of update, but we got to know Mayor Burgess as a man. From his early days when his mother was a single parent raising Reggie and his brother Brian, to then a stepfather, Mr. Willy, who changed his life forever and was a huge influence on the man he is today!

He then moved on to becoming a star running back for Morgan State University and later returned home to serve on the North Charleston Police Department for 34 years, retiring in 2023 as Police Chief. And yes, there is much to talk about with changes in the City of North Charleston, redevelopment of the naval base, the Coast Guard establishing their East Coast Headquarters, and the SCPA redevelopment of the current Westvaco paper mill. And if that was not enough, let’s add on rebuilding the Don Holt Bridge, widening I-526, and dredging the Cooper River channel. A very impressive presentation by a remarkable man whose focus is truly helping and serving all the people of North Charleston.

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