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 Marvin and Jada Ross -  Peculiar Pig Farm
 Marvin and Jada Ross -  Peculiar Pig Farm

Wed, May 10



Marvin and Jada Ross - Peculiar Pig Farm


Time & Location

May 10, 2023, 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM


About the event

May 10 (Zoom) – Marvin Ross (Owner) and Jada Ross (Lead Farmer), the Peculiar Pig Farm.

I suspect none of us know anything about raising pigs. But 5th generation farmer Marvin Ross, his wife Nikki, and Marvin’s brother, Jada, do. Two recent articles in the Post and Courier highlighted what they do at the farm. Marvin follows the tradition he was taught of raising and rotating hogs on wooded lots, allowing them to graze and forage, then supplementing what they find with heritage grains. This sustainable

method of farming not only allows the pigs to live their “pig-ness” instead of being confined and crammed in huge lots, it also results in exceptionally flavorful meat. Some of the South’s best restaurants serve Peculiar Pig Farm pork, from The Grey in Savannah, GA and Butcher & Bee in Charleston, SC, to Curate in Asheville. This family is carrying on the love for the land and their animals in the same way that their grandfather did. As a special bonus, about once a month they lead tours of the farm which include roasting a whole hog ready for pulling and an entire southern meal. Sounds like another enjoyable Rotary outing in the making in the not-too-far-distant future. 

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