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Zoom Only -   Jason and Jennifer Schall. World record anglers
Zoom Only -   Jason and Jennifer Schall. World record anglers

Wed, Sep 14


Zoom Only - Jason and Jennifer Schall. World record anglers

Guests - Please email Kevin Condon ( for Zoom Password

Time & Location

Sep 14, 2022, 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM

About the event

September 14 – (Zoom) Jason and Jennifer Schall. World record anglers. Think you are a fisherman? You are probably not in the same league as this Summerville couple who have nearly 100 fishing records in both fresh and salt water. The International Game Fish Association recognizes “World Record Anglers” every year. In 2021 both Schall’s made the list and they are on their way to being recognized again in 2022. They are the only husband wife team to make the top ranking. Between them they have caught more than 700 unique species. When they fish, they are looking for a specific fish. To be successful they need to do their homework. What kind of bait? What type of lures work best? What kind of water will they be in? Cloudy? Grassy? Top biters? Bottom feeders? What size is their mouth? What size hook do you need? The hooks they have used range in size from one smaller than the tip of your pinky to one as big as a frying pan. Their research is what sets them apart. They seem to get a particular thrill of going after a really big fish with a really little mouth using the smallest bait on the lightest line. This is not just throwing a line overboard and being happy with anything that comes along! This couple initially met as 12-year old elementary school classmates, reconnected about five years ago, and they have developed a joint passion for fishing. They are now traveling the world and following their dream.

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